Academic Staff

Our educational institution, the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic, provides instruction to those interested in the private and state sectors. It passes on the knowledge and experience of people with unique practice: representatives of the state, the private sector and the academic community. The Diplomatic Academy complements theoretical knowledge with a practical outlook that can be useful to all and without question aids professional and personal growth.


Cyril Svoboda

Minister of the Czech Republic

Jiří Tregler

director general of Prison Services

Jaromír Šiška

Ministry of Informatics deputy

Jindřich Dejmek

researcher, Czech Academy of Sciences

Regina Szymiková

head of the Voice and Speech Studies at DAMU

Daniel Váňa

media communication specialist

Petra Zaviačičová

editor, journalist and teacher

Petra Stejskalová


Daniel Hoda

European Law specialist

Hana Lenghartová

lawyer and mediator

Ondřej Andrys

senior state official, management expert

Jakub Hladík

Personal secretary of Václav Havel

Josef Havlas


František Rob

protocol specialist, author of Etiquette and Diplomatic Protocol

Milena Vicenová

minister and diplomat

Miroslav Kostelka

minister and diplomat

Vladimír Špidla

Czech prime minister

František Štěpánek

counterintelligence service chief

Jaromír Novotný

security expert, diplomat

Jan Potměšil

author of the first Czech book dedicated to Islamic law