Etiquette and protocol

About the course

Etiquette is founded upon good morals and behaving “correctly” toward others.

Etiquette changes over time. The aim of the course is to familiarise students with current rules regarding appropriate behaviour, how not to commit a “faux pas” (missteps) but rather to do “bons pas” (correct steps).

The course is conceived in such a way as to be useful to both those experiencing their first occasions requiring the employment of protocol and those who have prior experience that they wish to expand on. The course also prepares participants to organise an event in protocol terms, the essentials of welcoming, movement, making speeches and giving toasts. It also involves the principles of invitations and how to respond to them.


The course includes the following themes:

– What guides us, what influences us in negotiations.

– Protocol rules: Different country, different manners.

– Are there any universally applicable protocol rules? Where do we find them? What is the “golden rule” of protocol in every situation?

– Good meeting preparations are half the battle. Sometimes everything should be rehearsed in advance.

– When it is appropriate (necessary) and when is it appropriate (necessary) to remain silent. When it is appropriate (necessary) to eat and drink at least symbolically.

– What time to start, to finish, to come, to leave, time as a defined space for meeting participants.

– At a social occasion everybody has a role that they need to fulfil.

– Gift as surprise? Or gifting as an agreed process involving giver and recipient.

– Everything is important and one detail can spoil everything. An impression that persists.


What will I receive?

– A course completion certificate

– Membership of the Diplomatic Academy graduate community (regular invitations to DA events, the chance to put questions to DA staff at any time)

– Course content study materials

– Practical illustrations and examples

– Etiquette and protocol theoretical preparation


How many of us will be in the class?

Our courses are highly individualised and lecturers will devote their full attention to you. There will be a maximum of 14 participants in the class with you and small refreshments will be offered during the course.

You can contact our lecturers with questions at any time, not just during the course but after you have completed it.


Application form submission

Registration for the course takes place via a non-binding application and subsequent signature of a participation agreement. Once you send the non-binding application we will contact you and provide all the necessary information.



CZK 3990


Satisfaction guarantee – quality is guaranteed by the success and employment of Diplomatic Academy graduates in their careers.

Cyril Svoboda

Minister of the Czech Republic
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Date: 17.4.2020 od 15:00; 12.5.2020 od 15:00
Capacity: 14
Duration: 5 hours