MPA – Diplomacy


Joint postgraduate educational programme of the Diplomatic Academy and the CEVRO Institute college.

  • for all who are interested in working in foreign services, be they public or private
  • successful graduates obtain targeted recommendations from guarantors and lecturers when applying for related jobs

  • The capacity of the first course is already full.
  • Next study group launched: June 2020.
  • Applications may be submitted until the end of March 2020 


JUDr. Cyril Svoboda, a Czech politician and diplomat who has held ministerial posts in several governments, including as interior and foreign minister, was chairman of the Christian Democrats and was an MP in the Czech Parliament.

Tomáš Pojar, M.A., a diplomat, security analyst and vice-rector for foreign relations and further education who in the past served as director of the humanitarian organisation People in Needed, as deputy minister for foreign affairs and as Czech ambassador to Israel.


1. semester (total 72 hours)

Venue: Diplomatic Academy

The course runs every Saturday and Sunday roughly once a month for a six-month period.


  • European integration processes, the European Union and its perspective for development
  • Russia and NATO
  • Internal security
  • 21. century threats, risks and conflicts
  • Introduction to Islamic law
  • Czech security and foreign policy
  • Political ethics
  • Rhetoric

Lecturers will include for instance:

  • Cyril Svoboda, minister of interior and foreign affairs
  • Miroslav Kostelka, minister of defence and ambassador to the Russian Federation
  • Vladimír Špidla, PM, minister of labour and social affairs and European Commissioner
  • Milena Vicenová, minister of agriculture and ambassador to the European Union
  • Jaromír Novotný, deputy minister of defence and ambassador to Japan
  • František Štěpánek, chief of military intelligence

2. and 3. semesters(total 120 teaching hours + defence of seminar work and final paper)

Venue: CEVRO Institut, Jungmannova 17, Praha 1

The course always takes place on Friday afternoon and Saturday (12 teaching hours of 40 mins), roughly once a month.


  • Actors in Czech foreign police, economic interests and national defence
  • Theory of security, strategic and crisis management
  • Global economics
  • Public tenders
  • Parties and party systems
  • Democratic and authoritarian regimes
  • Diplomacy and intelligence services
  • Foreign military missions and military diplomacy
  • Multilateral organisations
  • Industry’s defence and security role
  • Cyber and energy security
  • Migration, terrorism and hybrid threats
  • Humanitarian aid and development cooperation
  • Human rights and cooperation on transformation
  • Transatlantic relations
  • Relations with Germany, the Russian Federation, China and Israel
  • Visegrad and Central Europe
  • Meeting with a foreign ambassador

Lecturers will include for instance:

  • Tomáš Pojar, deputy foreign minister and ambassador to Israel
  • Alexandr Vondra, minister for foreign affairs, for European affairs and for defence
  • Gen. Jiří Šedivý, chief of the General Staff
  • Gen. Miroslav Štěpán, director of the Fire Service
  • Jan Paďourek, deputy at the Office of Foreign Relations and Information
  • Jiří Hynek, president of the Association for the Defence Industry
  • Václav Bartuška, ambassador for energy security
  • Petr Kolář, deputy foreign minister and ambassador to Ireland, Sweden, the USA and the Russian Federation
  • Aleš Špidla, leading expert on cybersecurity

In addition instruction will be complemented by thematic conferences, seminars and lectures by international guests on topical issues organised within the framework of the CEVRO Institute college.

Course timetable:

  • Three-semester course
  • Concludes with final paper defence
  • Each semester comprises six blocks over two days (Fridays and Saturdays). 12 hours/block, in total 72 hours/semester.
  • Classes take place on Fridays and Saturdays, usually once or twice monthly; one class lasts 40 min.

Essays are submitted at the end of the first two semesters:

  • The theme relates to what is covered in the relevant semester.
  • The work is presented in written form at a length of five standard pages.
  • Essays are evaluated in terms of task fulfilment/non-fulfilment and receive feedback from the adjudicator.
  • Themes will be approved a month prior to the end of a semester.
  • Essays are not assigned in the last semester when students work on their final paper.

Final paper:

  • Students choose the theme of their film paper themselves on the basis of consultation with the semester guarantor.
  • The paper is submitted in written form at a length of 25–30 standard pages.
  • The student chooses the theme of their paper no later than two months before the end of the final semester. At the same time a supervisor is set from among the teaching staff.
  • The student defends their final paper in front of a committee
  • The defence can be complemented by audio-visual means (recommended).

Cost of the MPA – Diplomacy post-graduate education programme:

  • The total cost of the three-semester course is CZK 89,000 + CZK 13,440 VAT. The cost of the course comprises two parts, one of which is not subject to VAT (CZK 25,000) and one of which is (CZK 64,000 + 21 % DPH).
  • Graduates of CEVRO Institute college are eligible for a 10% discount on the cost of the course.
  • A discount can be negotiated In the case of multiple persons signing up for the course or interest on the part of institutions that send multiple students

Graduation with MPA certificate

  • Graduation certificates are issued by the CEVRO Institute and presented to students during a graduation ceremony.
  • The experience of international colleges with a tradition of MPA teaching management was employed in the creation of the curriculum.
  • The certificate is issued directly by the CEVRO Institute college as a Czech educational institution.

You will find more details about the organisation of the course in the Contract on the Course and its addendum, which can be viewed  here.

Contact details Diplomatic Academy:

Marcela Magátová

e-mail: info@diplomaticka-akademie.cz; tel: +420 731 603 881

Contact details CEVRO Institute: 

Jiří Š. Cieslar, post-graduate studies secretary

e-mail: mpa@vsci.cz; tel: +420 774 427 403

Cyril Svoboda

Minister of the Czech Republic
Venue: Prague
Cost: 89 000,- Kč
Date: starting June 2020
Capacity: 15
Duration: three semesters