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Become a diplomat in everyday life and learn public speaking!

Main programme (DA1)

Tuition costs CZK 35 000 a semester (130 h).

It is also possible to take selected blocks in the main programme (DA1). Tuition for one block costs CZK 5,000


Rhetoric and public speaking 

Tuition costs CZK 3,990 (5 h).


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It is possible within the framework of our cooperation with the CEVRO Institute to acquire both the title MPA and a Diplomatic Academy certificate. For more information please contact us.

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1. Is the course only intended for diplomats?

It is not. Our mission is to educate a broad spectrum of students, from IT specialists to managers to creatively gifted individuals, third- and second-level students and state officials.

2. What does the main course deliver?

The main course delivers a requalification certificate, priority participation in DA-organised events and, among other things, many useful contacts.

3. How long does the main course last?

The course runs on Saturdays and Sundays over nine weeks and roughly three and a half months.


Open Days

Write to us and come to meet our teaching staff and observe lessons.

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