Main programme

What will the course give me?

The chief aim of the course is to prepare participants in all key fields of contemporary security, domestic and foreign policy and diplomacy. We will teach you:

  • professional representation of yourself or a company or institution
  • public speaking and speaking in front of students
  • rhetorical skills and conducting interviews in print and electronic media
  • preparation of materials for a superior or for team management
  • to comprehend current international politics, finance and international law
  • to understand the subtext of political negotiations
  • to analyse international security and European politics
  • to handle preparations for high-level visits, welcoming eminent persons

… and you will also acquire many useful contacts, boosting your chances on the labour market

For whom is the course intended?

  • students and university graduates who wish to prepare for (and succeed in) selection procedures for management posts and who wish to boost their ability to solve specific problems in practice
  • those who wish to advance their careers


The course, which consists of 130 teaching hours, is divided into five thematic blocks. The entire programme culminates with a final exam in the form of a security and political strategy game, a simulated protocol event and public speaking.

Thematic blocks:

  • Administration and communication with the media
  • Working with people and rhetoric
  • International law and finance
  • Foreign policy and the EU
  • Protocol and etiquette

Cyril Svoboda

Minister of the Czech Republic
Venue: Prague
Cost: 35 000,- Kč
Date: 25 January 2020 – 4 April 2020
Capacity: 15
Duration: 130 hours (3.5 months, every Saturday and Sunday)