Rhetoric and public speaking

About the course

They say Poets are born, orators are made and the Diplomatic Academy takes this rule as a starting point. The interactive nature of the course aids the winning over of listeners (partners) to one’s side. A good orator is capable – even despite the disfavour of an audience – of connecting with people through their speech. This applies generally, not just to politicians.

Course participants will improve their knowledge of the basic rules of speech structure, in terms of both content and form. They will be better able to handle various situations that may arise during a speech. They will have the opportunity to prepare a speech on a given topic and for a given target group, to present it and to receive feedback.



The course begins with basic rhetorical rules tried and tested over many years. It will then proceed to the following themes:

– rhetoric and its use in practice (in everyday as well as public life)

– charisma – an orator’s individual psychosomatic prerequisites

– rhetorical tactics

– dialogue, partners, feedback

– how to speak and argue persuasively

– achieving the desired results with voice and speech techniques

– coordination of verbal and non-verbal elements


What will I receive?

– A course completion certificate

– Membership of the Diplomatic Academy graduate community (regular invitations to DA events, the chance to put questions to DA staff at any time)

– Course content study materials

– Practical illustrations and examples of rhetoric and public speaking

– Rhetoric and public speaking theoretical preparation


How many of us will be in the class?

Our courses are highly individualised and lecturers will devote their full attention to you. There will be a maximum of 14 participants in the class with you and small refreshments will be offered during the course.

You can contact our lecturers with questions at any time, not just during the course but after you have completed it.


Application form submission

Registration for the course takes place via a non-binding application and subsequent signature of a participation agreement. Once you send the non-binding application we will contact you and provide all the necessary information.



CZK 3990


Satisfaction guarantee – quality is guaranteed by the success and employment of Diplomatic Academy graduates in their careers.

Cyril Svoboda

Minister of the Czech Republic
Venue: Prague
Cost: 3 990,- Kč
Date: 16.4. 2020 from 15:00; 24. 5. 2020 from 10:00
Capacity: 14
Duration: 5 hours